A little Lace and Denim


These cut-off denim shorts used to be quite a bit longer and came with the giant distressed holes… I have really been wanting shorter shorts and these ones fit perfectly around the thighs…  Shorts that are to tight around my thighs drive me crazy and I won’t wear them.

Anyway, these shorts had some really large holes that I wasn’t comfortable wearing out.  So I patched them up with some muslin and a little lace fabric.

It gives the shorts a real vintage look and feel to them.

Recently Updated66

After pinning the patches onto the shorts I ran a straight stitch all the way around the patches and along the hem of the shorts about 5/8 in up  so that the shorts will only fray up to that stitching line… I hope that makes sense.  If not leave me a comment and I will try to explain it better.


Just a little more lace was added to the back pocket flap to keep up the vintage look going.

A great way to add a little feminine touch to your denim shorts for summer.

This re-fashion took me maybe 15 minutes to complete.



  1. Love this denim short !



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