Embellished Ipod cover

IMG_1720My little one unfortunately got a hand-me-down IPod cover… She wasn’t to happy about it… So we just embellished it a little.

Jun 2, 2013

We applied a thick layer of glue to the back of the IPod cover and sprinkled the beads over the glue.  Pressed the beads down into the glue.  Let dry.  I applied another layer of glue over the beads, pressed in my large trinket pieces and topped with more seed beads.

Let dry.



  1. oh what a great idea. I swear my daughters are always buying new ones with their allowance. I may have to try this on one of theirs. Thanks for sharing.


  2. That is way beyond awesome!!!!!!


  3. This is actually the ever best iPod cover I have ever seen. Little angel should feel happy with this cover as it is awesome designed cover.

    Thanks for sharing this images.


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