Messge Board, Blotter, and Recovered desk chair(Review for Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts)

IMG_2154I created this set of desk accessories for the Jo-Ann and Waverly fabric review that I was so lucky to be a part of.

 As you may already know that September is National Sewing month and Waverly fabrics 90th Anniversary

The review was to transform something that I use in my life everyday and Wazerize it using the 2 yards of Waverly fabric from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store for this project, however this is my personal experience using their product.

What does Waverize it mean?

( It means:  to think outside the box and transform something in your life through sewing and spice it up)


When the Waverly fabric first arrived I had no idea what I was going to create.  I wanted it to be useful and creative, but also different.

 The colors of the fabric matched my little ones room perfectly.

As I was looking around her room, trying to think of something she may need I saw that her desk chair was really worn out and could be recovered.

 But why stop there?

What about a message board and a blotter (desk matt).


I just love how everything came together and turned out so pretty!!!

Aug 28, 20131

Desk Chair

To recover the chair I took off the back rest and the seat from the frame…  The fabric was laid out right side down on my work surface.

  I placed the back rest and seat facing down on the wrong side of the fabric and cut 2 or so inches bigger than the pattern.

           To make sure there is enough fabric for pulling taught as I staple in place.  I like to work from the center outward on all sides.

Put the chair back together and that’s it!

Sep 1, 2013


If you don’t know what a Blotter is no worries I had no idea either until I Goggled it!  I have seen them before and started looking online for some inspiration and figured out it’s just a fancy word for a desk matt.

I used some foam core board.  I cut it to fit the width of the desk so it came out to be 17×20

With the left over pieces of foam core board I cut 2 pieces 2×19

As you can see the 2 inch wide pieces are covered with batting and fabric.  Then they are placed along the edge of the already covered board

Hot glue was used to adhere everything together

I used a real pretty sea-foam color ribbon to finish off the backside of the mat so it looks nice on both sides.  The ribbon was also used down the center of the edge piece along with decorative buttons for some more added embellishment.

Recently Updated68

Message Board

This was constructed just like the blotter except a thick layer of batting goes over the foam core board before hot gluing the fabric down to the board.  Ribbons were added in a diagonal pattern.  I used 5 strips of ribbon along each side.  It took me awhile to figure out spacing of the ribbons.  I just eyeballed it until it looked the way I wanted it to.  Decorative buttons were put on every cross-section of ribbon.  17 buttons total.

One more ribbon is added to the back of the  board for hanging.


This desk set has completely changed the whole look of my little ones room and she now loves to sit at the desk and color or do homework…

Tell me what you think… I’d love to hear from you.

Please don’t forget to!!!!

Enter the Jo-Ann and Waverly WAVERIZE it Facebook contest

September 1 to the 22nd

All you need to do is create a project of your own using Waverly fabric and WAVERIZE it!

The grand prize for the Facebook contest is $1000 in Waverly fabric and a $250 Jo-Ann gift card!

You could do a lot with $1000 of fabric and $250 Jo-Ann card…. The holidays are coming up soon whether you re-decorate your home or buy supplies for Halloween.

Good Luck to any of you that enter the contest!



  1. Beautiful!!! 🙂


  2. wow this all came out so fun – I think the colors on the fabric make the whole place look happy – P.S. love those snail doodles.


  3. So pretty and makes any desk endeavor all the more pleasant!!


  4. Beautiful Jeanna! Awesome Tutorial!


  5. easycraftsforchildren says:

    Very pretty !!


  6. Gorgeous creations! I wish I was a kid with that desk – I’d definitely look forward to doing homework and art everyday!!


  7. ruthann torwelle says:

    how did you attach the buttons?


  8. please what is the name of the waverly fabric??? I LOVE the pattern in rainbow, am googling but not finding it. so lovely, just what I need to make.


  9. I love it! For the blotter, did you just put the batting on the 2″ strips? Or is the batting also on the larger piece?


  10. Great postt thanks



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