Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Coconut Oil

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Drama Queen Seams

I think coconut oil is my new favorite find.  There are so many different things you can use coconut oil for.  It’s so good for you and your skin too.  I made this Oh so yummy smelling Vanilla Sugar Scrub with Coconut oil as I’m getting ready for summer time.  I must have super soft skin for summer if I’m going to sit by the pool and drink ice tea all day.  You can have super soft and summer ready skin also just by making somesugar scrub.  Plus you’ll have enough left over to give some away as a Mother’s Day gift

Here is what you need: (most everything you may have in your pantry already)

  • Coconut oil (can find refined oil at the grocery store)
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla

Mix two big heaping spoonfuls of coconut oil into a bowl.  Add 3 cups of sugar and a splash of…

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  1. This scrub looks very delicious made from vanilla and coconut can make your life a real pleasant one, great ! 🙂


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