Decoupage Pencil Can

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Day two of my 31 day challenge of being creative is here and here is another project for all of you…

Decoupage Pencil Can 



Modge podge  glue, Scrap booking paper,

Scissors, Stickers and empty hot chocolate container

  Gather all the scrap-book papers you want to use for your pencil can.  I like to get some kind of color scheme going before I start gluing but you don’t have to make a plan.

I like to cut, rip and use decorative scissors to cut my papers apart.  Apply a nice thick layer of Modge podge to your can and then start layering your papers as you like.  Once done covering the can I like to add a few stickers with inspirational words and then give the can a light coat of Modge podge to seal it.


Once dry you can add pencils, pens, paint brushes or whatever you like.

 Just a fun and creative accessory to display on your desk.

 Hope you like it and please check out my other posts below.


 IMG_2349      IMG_2093     IMG_2146


  1. That brings back some very pleasant memories. Always good to see such projects!!! Hugs…….


  2. thefrugalcrafter says:

    That is adorable, love it!


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