I’ve been working on a Santos Cage Doll

I took a class offered over at Jeanne Oliver Designs and taught by Jennifer Rizzo  from JenniferRizzo.com on how to make a Santos Cage Doll.  It was so much fun!  I loved creating these dolls from nothing.  Jeanne Oliver offers all kinds of classes.  Plus she gives great information on how to be creative and turn it into a business.


Here are my two Santos dolls that I’ve created so far.  Right now I’m still in the process of painting them.  I hope once they are painted and complete they will look similar to the vintage inspired dolls that Jennifer has created.

Once they are complete I will post pictures of them.

My Album 17-001



  1. Wow . . . what a lovely art form! I can’t wait to see your finished dolls, Jeanna!


  2. easycraftsforchildren says:

    What a wonderful work of art , I want to see the finish project 🙂


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