Mini Pumpkin Pies


I was determined to make one of the (5 fun things I want to make today) and I did it!

Instead of mini apple pies I made mini pumpkin ones.

I love the fact they are bite size.


To make these cute little pretties I made pumpkin pie according to the recipe on the back of the pumpkin can.  Made my own pie dough but you could very well use store-bought.  Then cut small circles out of my pie dough using a biscuit cutter so it would fit into the bottom of a muffin tin.  Filled them up with pumpkin pie filling and baked for about 20 minutes.  I did put a piece of foil over the pies half way through cooking so the edges wouldn’t burn.

Oct 12, 2013


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  1. OMG, these are perfect… I love pumpkin pie and this is about the size I can afford to eat. Well… maybe two. 🙂


  2. easycraftsforchildren says:

    They look delicious, great recipe !!:-)


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