Polk a Dot Glitter Tote



Oct 15, 2013

~What you need~

Canvas tote

Tulip fashion glitter bond

Tulip fashion glitter

paper reinforcement stickers

I placed my stickers in a row along the bottom of the tote and off setting the next row up.   I just eyeballed the placement of the stickers.  Then filled in the holes with the glitter bond working only five at a time.  Added my glitter to the bond and pressed down lightly on the glitter to secure it to the bond a little better.  I shook off the excess glitter and then to a hair dryer to it.  I was very impatient  and didn’t want to wait for it to dry.  Pulled the stickers off very carefully trying to not pull off any of the glitter.



My Album 17-001


  1. You are so clever. I would never of thought of using these stickers as masking -but I will now!


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