DIY Patio Chair Update (finally)

Oct 20, 2013I have been working on this project since June.

Crazy huh!

I started redoing this folding chair back in June and never got back to it.

So it’s been sitting in the garage all summer when we could have been using it.

Recently Updated77

Lucky me, I found this panel fabric at Target.

It was marked down of course to $8.  I love the print and it was perfect for the patio color scheme I was going for.

I took off the old chair cover and laid it out on my fabric.  Using the cover as my pattern for the new one.


Pinning the back pieces together and only sewing 6 inches down the edge.  Leaving the rest open to be able to slip it back over the frame of the chair.

Recently Updated78

I pinned the cover to the chair frame with right sides together.  As if making a slip cover.  A 3 inch band was added to each back piece.  A strip of velcro goes onto each band piece and also onto the edge of the back and seat pieces.  This will be the closure for the patio chair cover.



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  1. Fantastic job! Great score on the fabric too!


  2. Love it Jeanna, looks so nice on the patio!


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