12 Sewing Blogs that inspire me to sew + a few

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Drama Queen Seams

Hey everyone,  today I have a list of 12 sewing blogs that inspire me to sew more… This is so I can sew pretty things that make me or my home feel and look beautiful.  If you like to sew or want to learn how to sew these 12 blogs can help. Hope you take the time to look around.


Kelly from Sewing in No Man’s land is simply amazing!

Her sewing is so beautiful and her photography… Well, breathtaking!

Karen over at Sew Many Ways has the most amazing craft and sewing room ever…

Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom is always coming up with these super fabulous yet simple sewing projects.  This tote is so cool.

A Beautiful Mess is a very inspiring blog that I could spend hours and hours looking at all of the pretty projects they have to offer.  I just…

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