Chevron & Burlap Dinning Room Chair Covers

IMG_2938Well I can’t have my painted turkey napkins with out coordinating chair covers to go with the festive table scape for the holidays.  So, I made up some using a pillow case as my pattern.



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I found this great orange chevron print cotton at the store and knew I wanted to use it in my table display for Thanksgiving.  I bought 2 yards of this cotton fabric to use for the chair covers.  Just the two head chairs are being covered in this project but you could defiantly cover all of your dinning chairs if you like.

The fabric is folded in half and then place the pillow case on top of it and cut.  You will need 4 of these rectangles to cover two chairs.

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I wanted some ties to add a pretty bow on the backside of the chair.  Cut 4 – 3 x 24 inch long strips and fold them in half length wise with right sides together.  I like a pointed end on my ties so you will sew at a diagonal when you come to the end of the tie.  Sewing completely off the edge.  Trim off the extra fabric away and turn your tie right side out.  Press them flat.

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Pin your tie to both sides of the rectangle that was cut out earlier.  Then pin the two rectangles together with right sides together and stitch it up along 3 sides, leaving one end open.  Turn right side out and press your unfinished edge up 1 inch and stitch it all the way around.  Once finished press your chair cover with a hot iron and slip it over your chair.

I also added some burlap ribbon to the center of the chair cover.  Just draping it over and tucking it beneath the tie.



  1. That is a beautifully clever, simple “dress-up” idea!! Would work for so many occasions! Will be thinking of this one for Christmas!!!! Thank you!!!!


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