Pretty Embellished Pockets (30 days of T~shirts)

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time of no new projects from me, but I’m back…

And ready to create!

It’s almost springtime and I’m excited for warm weather, sun dresses, sandals, and just being outside… So I’m gearing up and going to be embellishing, re-fashioning, painting, and whatever else I can come up with for 30 days of nothing but T~shirts.

Sounds fun, right!


It’s funny but whenever I go shopping for new clothes the first things I look at are T-shirts and Jeans.

Why is that?

I love other types of clothing but t-shirts are so versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Plus they are so comfy.

Does that sound silly?

Well even if it does sound silly then I guess I’m just silly.


I’ve embellished 4 T-shirt pockets and one T-shirt dress pocket by adding some lace, scrap fabric, buttons, sequins, and ribbon trim.  I used Aleene’s Fabric Fusion permanent fabric adhesive to attach all of the embellishments to the pockets of my T-shirts.

Too fun!

I can’t wait to wear them all.  One at a time of course.




  1. I love these!


  2. So cute and major clever!!!!


  3. Love them! This is going to be inspiring for outfits this Spring



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