Roses and Ruffles Tee #5

Going through some old posts and thought this T-shirt refashion fits in with my 30 days of T-shirts. Please stop by and check it out…

Drama Queen Seams

Roses & Ruffles Tee refashion.

 What a difference a little embellishment can do for a plain old t~shirt.

    I usually don’t do high neckline tops because I feel like it is choking me.  So I tend to stay with scoop neck or V neckline tops.  On this top I cut the neck off.  Scooped the front a little more than the back of the top.  Added a ruffle to the neckline all the way around.  The ruffle was made from another old t~shirt.  Just a simple straight stitch to sew the ruffle onto the tee.  A few flowers were also made out of that same old gray t~shirt.  Hot glued some buttons to the center of the flowers and two pin backs were also added and hot glued onto the back of the flowers so it could be removed for washing.

Do you like flower embellishments?

I think…

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