Floral Back Top


This lucky little lady got a new top today.  I was in the middle of another t-shirt project when the floral fabric I was using for that project went perfectly with a pink tee that was in our re-fashion box.  So I pushed my top to the side and started working on this floral back top for her.



At first I wasn’t going to add anything to the front of the tee but it defiantly looks good with the floral print against the plain pink and finishes off the top nicely.


A plain kids tee and a floral tee I found at the thrift store is all I needed to transform this boring shirt into something more interesting.  I started off by using one of my little ones tees that fits her nicely as a pattern.  Cutting around the tee and then up both sides of the tee.  Then opening it up flat and using the original back as my pattern for the floral fabric and cutting it out.  I also cut a small patch for a pocket for the front of the shirt.  Pinned everything together and stitched up the sides, around the neckline and the sleeves.  Simple and quick refashion for a new spring inspired top.




  1. You are a creative re-purposing genius!!!!! I love reading your blog and getting so inspired!!!! Hugs……


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