Flowers and Stripes


I just happened to be looking at the new spring line of clothes on Anthropologie a few weeks ago and saw a striped top with big flowers appliqued along the sides of it.

  It was absolutely adorable.

Then when I was doodling the other day I doodled the same top.  So the other day I was on a mission and went out to pick up a striped top for this project.



                      20140308-152454.jpg     20140308-152706.jpg

One striped tee and a large floral tee are needed for this project.  You will also need some Heat n bond, scissors, iron, and sewing machine or needle and thread.  Cut out as many flowers you like for your tee and iron the Heat n bond onto the cut out flowers following the directions on the packaging.  Peel off paper backing and place appliques onto the top.  Iron into place.  I used my machine to stitch all of the appliques on to give it that finished appearance.


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