Gathered Side Tee


A few basic sewing skills are all you need to create this gathered side tee in a matter of just 20 minutes.  Just a few alterations and some added details will add a new look to just a basic top.




I started by cutting the sleeves off to make them 3/4.  Cuffed them up two times and tacked them in place.  Then I added a little tab and button to the sleeve for more detail and embellishment.


This little rectangle piece was cut from part of the discarded sleeve and sewn to the inside of the top along the side seam.  I made three rows of stitching.  Two along the sides of my rectangle and one down the center.  This will form a casing on the shirt for your tie to go through.


Now I cut two strips of fabric from the scrap sleeve and threaded them through the casing.  Once threaded through both sides I stitched  across the rectangle closing it up.  Pulling up on the ties to gather up the side.  Tie into a knot to secure the gather.




  1. Very chic and clever! The styling is outstanding….love it……hugs…


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