Multi~strand necklace top with a flower Refashion #8

My little Drama Queen was so little back then but this t-shirt refashion was fun and all we needed was some fabric paint and a flower pin to dress it up. So sweet!

Drama Queen Seams

 I just love fast and simple projects.  It’s amazing what a few painted polk- a -dots can do to a tee…  Just to add some extra embellishment to spruce up a plain t~shirt.  The possibilities are endless.  You could do so many designs with fabric paint.  Did you know now they even have fabric paint pens?  I used the paint pens to make the chain connect the polk -a- dots on the tee so it looked like a multi~strand necklace and added a cute little flower to the side.

Just a little paint and a flower is all this little tee needed to add a little pizzaz to it.  You could also make some really cute boy t~shirts too with skulls or trucks or even some mustaches…  How cute would that be?

Have some fun and paint your t~shirt!

If you missed anything here are the links to other projects in the 🙂

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  1. That’s really pretty.


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