Paper Cone Wreath Tutorial

paper cone wreath

You know how it is when your browsing around on Pintrest and you come a crossed a craft you know have to make like right now!  Well this paper cone wreath was just that project for me a few weeks ago.

paper cone wreath

I started out with some scrapbook paper, ruler, glue gun, tape, rotary cutter, and a cardboard circle for this project.

I had to trim down the scrapbook paper quite a bit because it wouldn’t form the cone shape very well.  So I cut off about 4 inches and used the edge of the first paper to cut the rest of the paper to the same size.  You won’t have to do any cutting if you use regular 8×11 paper but I had the really large scrapbook paper packet.  Once all my paper was cut I started making my cone shape.  Place a piece of tape to hold the cone shape you just created and make another. Your gonna have to make a lot of cones so your wreath will be nice and full.

 Now you can start hot gluing them onto your cardboard circle.  I left a great video link down below of Rebecca Robeson’s tutorial on how to put this wreath together if you need more information.  I’d watch it anyway cause she’s very entertaining and has great design ideas.

Paper cone wreath

My wreath is pretty much done and ready to hang up.  Not bad for using my craft supplies from around the house.

 Paper cone wreath

So what do you think?

Please leave me a comment below I always love to hear all of your ideas.




  1. Beautiful decoration!


  2. Beautiful!


  3. So cute, Jeanna! I love the colors and patterns on the paper you used! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for the holiday season – your tutorial will definitely come in handy! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Talented Tuesday!


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