Skinny Jeans Refashion

Skinny Jeans Refastion

I love skinny jeans but they have to be the right fit.  At least for me to feel comfortable in them.  I had ordered these colored skinny jeans form Forever 21 a few years ago and liked them but they never really fit quite right around my calf and knee so I didn’t wear them that much.

   I decided to fix them so they were more to my liking.

Skinny Jeans Refashion

Before you can see the jeans are loose around the knee, calf and ankle area.  I followed this tutorial from Merricks Art  to fix this problem with the jeans and it worked out perfectly.  All they needed was a little adjusting.  I know it took me longer to turn them inside out and try them on and off ten times to make sure they fit right.

Anyway here is another great tutorial on How to make boot cut jeans into Skinny Jeans over at HomemadeGinger that you might want to check out too.  You can also check out my post on how to tuck non skinny jeans in to your boots here.

Skinny Jeans Refashion

Skinny Jeans Refashion

While searching for tutorials on Skinny Jeans I came a crossed this really cool tutorial from She Knows on how to make your own colored jeans.

Cant wait to give this a try.  Do any of you like or wear skinny jeans?  I’d love to know if there is a brand out there that fits really well.

I always love comments or email me with any questions

Sew Happy!



  1. Your alterations have really made a difference, great job. I’m not a fan of skinny jeans on myself, unless they have a lot of stretch and a higher waistband. I find straight legs, pretty similar, but far more flattering.


  2. I have several pairs of jeans I know I would wear more often if they only fit better – I need to try this! Thank you so much for sharing at Talented Tuesday!


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