Holiday Dress Ideas help

With the Holidays coming up I’m in need of a new dress!

 I’ve been looking for one on Anthropologie but just can’t justify $pending so much on a dress I may only wear once.

The holiday dresses I did find are all black!  I know black is boring right?

But look at how beautiful these three are and I don’t think they are basic or boring at all.

I don’t know why I gravitate towards the little black dress all the time but it is just so classic, chic and really goes with anything and everything.  Plus it hides any imperfections so it makes me look thinner.  Win! Win!


This dress is so pretty with the solid top and the gold printed gathered skirt.


I am really liking the combination of leather and chiffon on this dress


Love the way this dress has the twist in for some added detail to make it not so form-fitting.

In my search for a dress I did come a crossed some great ideas for making your own here at MerrickArt.   But I could refashion an old dress into something new like she did here at Cotton and Curls and over at parisciel they have 55 ways to up cycle a prom dress, wedding dress or formal dress here.

These are just three of the tutorials I found.  There are so many more ideas on Holiday dresses that would be great ones to check out or try if you’re in need of a Holiday dress this year.

What do you think?

~Should I buy one of the Anthropologie dresses

~make my own

~ refashion something I already have?

Please comment below or send me an email of what you think I should do.



  1. Make your own!!! then you can have exactly what you want!


  2. Depends on how much time you have, if plenty then make your own, but if limited then a refashion sounds like a less stressful idea 🙂

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  3. i love the last one.


  4. I love the first one!!! ❤ I would love to wear it for the Holidays


  5. The first one is beautiful!


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