Fun Sharpie Art Project

Burlap Art

This was a fun little project I whipped up real quick to fill up some blank space on the wall in my office.  It was super easy to make and all you need is some Sharpie pens and a blank canvas.


I was going to make a sign that had “CREATE” on it but changed my mind and decided to go with some stripes instead.  I will make the create sign another time.

All I did was marked out my stripes evenly on the canvas with my Sharpie pen in this really nice teal color.  The one thing I did wrong and recommend not doing is making any kind of squiggle lines or any marks on it until your ready because they will show through as you can see on mine.   From far away you can’t tell.

Next I just roughly colored in the lines with my Sharpie and wiped it down with a damp paper towel to get a water-color effect to the stripes.  I wiped down the edges of the canvas with the same damp paper towel to spread the color evenly.

Last thing I need to do was stencil on my heart and sign it.

A quick piece of art for my office.


Now that I think about it you could totally do this project for the Holidays and add some pretty pops of color to your home.

I’m going to have to put this on my list of projects to do.

I would love to hear any ideas you have for easy artwork to decorate your home, so please leave me a comment below and don’t forget to follow me so you don’t miss a thing.



  1. I’ve just bought my first Sharpies so I am very excited!💃


  2. what a cute idea! Love how easy you made this project, love!


  3. Simple but effective!!!! AND very creative!!!!! Love!!!!


  4. How simple yet stylish and elegant! Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


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