Creative Coloring

Coloring for adults

I read an article on Yahoo the other day about a new pastime for adults is coloring.

I love this!

 This is so funny because I had just pulled out one of my color books the other day thinking that it would help me get back into that creative mood and the desire to create something.

So I pulled out all of the coloring books I have and had my daughter pull out some of the hers and we started coloring.

Coloring for adults

Coloring for adults

I love these fill in the blank space with doodles type of pages.

 I just wanted to share a few pretty pics of our coloring pages that we are having fun with.



  1. I think coloring is one of the best activities you can participate in with the little ones and it is so therapeutic.

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  2. I guess we are never to old 😄

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