Fleece Fabric Projects for Spring

Fleece is a fabulous fabric to use for any sewing project. An amazing characteristic of this fabric is that its edges will never ravel making it totally unnecessary to finish the edges. For that reason, sewing with fleece is a breeze!

Fleece Poncho

Fleece Poncho for Spring

A fleece poncho is a nifty substitute for a jacket or sweater. Whether you want to look cool or classy, a poncho will fill the bill. It can be worn in the daytime or evening and will add flair to your get-up. A fleece poncho is great for toddlers as well! Just toss it over the toddler’s head either before or after you buckle them into the car seat and no buttons or zippers to contend with.

Take a look at a fleece poncho design and an assortment of fleece fabric .

A fleece poncho’s length depends on whether you want it to be ankle length or hip-length for a hipper look. It is also dependent on your height, of course.

Simple Fleece Pattern:

● Step 1 – If the poncho is for an adult, purchase one yard of fabric. If the poncho is for a toddler or a smaller child, you can purchase a smaller amount of fabric.

● Step 2 – Cut the fabric into a large diamond shape.

● Step 3 – In the center of the diamond shape of fabric, carefully cut a hole. Using the tip of your scissors, cut the neck edge evenly to create where your head will fit through. A poncho that fits you can also be used as a basic pattern.

● Step 4 – Using either a contrasting or matching color thread, stitch around the neck edge to give the poncho a finishing touch.

● Step 5 –You can finish the bottom edge of your poncho with either a slip-stitch or fringe. For the fringe cut slits evenly spaced around the bottom edge.

Fleece Poncho

Another Option for a Toddler’s or Young Child’s Fleece Poncho Pattern:

● Step 1 – You can make a fleece poncho for a toddler or young child. For this method, you should purchase one yard of 60 inch fleece to make one child pattern.

● Step 2 – Cut the yard of fabric in half into two pieces so that each piece is perfectly square with an approximate size of “30” x 30″ for a girl and 27″ x 27″ for a toddler. The two pieces will be big enough for two ponchos for either a toddler or young child.

● Step 3 — Fold one piece diagonally in half.

● Step 4 – Find the center of the fold.

● Step 5 – At the center of the fold, cut a semi-circle 5″ wide and around the center for the neck. You can use a small bowl held upside down to trace for this. If you have a poncho that fits the young child or poncho, you can use that as a basic pattern.

● Step 6 – For finishing, you can follow steps 4 and 5 above.


Fleece Poncho

Additional bottom fringe finishing touches (optional):

At the bottom tip of each fringe, tie a knot. For an even more stylish effect, string a wooden, pearl or plastic stone bead onto each fringe before tying the knot.

Fleece Bag

A fleece bag can be attractive or funny, depending on the look you prefer. With summer coming in a few months, perhaps a beach or boat bag will suit your fancy. If you’re going to grandma’s house, a bag for your toddler’s favorite toys might be handy. Perhaps you want to carry your yarn, crochet hook or knitting needles. A fleece bag would certainly do the trick. Simple steps to making a fleece bag:

Step 1 – Cut your fleece fabric into two pieces that are the size you want your bag to be.

Step 2 – Place both the pieces on a clean surface with one on top of the other and right sides facing each other. Secure the pieces together by pinning the edges.

Step 3 – Sew around three of the four edges. One of the shorter sides should be left open. Allow approximately half an inch seam allowance.

Step 4 – Next, you should sew the cord seam. Fold down the edge that wasn’t sewn about two inches and sew the fold allowing a seam allowance. Sew the fold down. If you need to make it easier to sew, you can pin the fold first.

Turn your bag inside out and make a small slit in your folded over edge on the inside of the bag. Attaching a safety pin or paper clip to one end of a cord, feed the cord into your slit all the way through back to the slit. Pull the cord so that both ends on the outside of the slit are even and trim. After feeding both ends into a drawstring stopper, even them out, and secure in place by making a knot. YOUR BAG IS MADE!


Article by Nancie Jacobs

Photos by Jeanna


  1. I remember making ponchos when my daughter was a Girl Scout. The whole troop made green matching ponchos to earn one of their badges. I still love working with fleece – so simple and so forgiving.

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