Here at Drama Queen Seams I am all about Sewing projects and simple Diy projects with some re-fashion, beauty tips and yummy recipes thrown in the mix.

Drama queen Seams has over 500+ views a day and is rapidly growing with over a 600+ fan base not including 450+ followers on Pintrest


First I will review your product or site to be sure it would fit the style of my viewers.

Your ad includes a 125 x 125  Side Bar Button with image logo and link back in the right column on all pages

$5 mo.

Your ad includes a 200 x 200 Side Bar Button with image logo and a link back,  in the right column on all pages

$10 mo.

I will include a one time feature post about your blog or site.


Guest Post 

Do you want to guest post on Drama queen Seams?

It should be related to Sewing, DIY, Re~fashion, beauty, food, or crafts  and contain a tutorial or tips for making the item. I may edit to fit the content of my blog.  Clear photos are a must.  You will be able to post your post on your blog approx 1 weeks after my post.

The post must be new content you have not posted to any other blog or site.

I would appreciate that if you choose to use any of my ideas or photos that you link back to Drama Queen Seams and common curtsy…  Thanks!

Drama Queen

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